Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

Governor Perry’s Money Cannon raised over one million dollars in 24 hours!  The original goal was $ 300,000 and the campaign more than tripled it!  The effort included a major online presence that resulting in numerous Texans donating through

I am proud to say that over 55 Texans donated through my fundraising link!  Unfortunately for me, but good for Governor Perry’s campaign, my boss David White who I challenged to a 24 hour fundraising challenge out raised me.  The bet was who ever raised the least amount of money in 24 hours has to shave their head.  Being a man of my word I went down to the Good Life Barber Shop in downtown Austin today and payed up.

As promised here is the video of me getting my new haircut.  See this previous post about Governor Perry’s Money Cannon for more information on the bet I made that led to this haircut.

I don’t know what is more priceless, my face as Ryan the barber makes the first buzz cut or my colleagues reacting to how great I am about to look that you can see in the reflection of the mirror.

Although the 24 hour fundraising challenge is over, you can still donate securely online to Governor Perry’s campaign through my fundraising link, every little bit helps!

Like I said before I think this is a win win situation.  I helped raised over one million dollars for Governor Perry, brought in new donors to the campaign,  got a free haircut (the least David could do is pay for it) and I will still have my hair (once it grows back) in 10 years, unlike David.

2 responses to “Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

  1. Patrick Fortner

    I’ve made a similar bet for the last three years with my Cub Scouts regarding their popcorn sales. They’ve shaved me bald three years running now.
    Scout popcorn sales start again in September.
    Help my Scouts win their bet again this year. Anyone willing to buy $10000 of popcorn to send to our troops overseas?

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