Lone Star Strong: Texas is Leading the Economic Recovery

The numbers below do not lie.  Texas is leading the nation’s economic recovery.  Texas was one of the last states into the recession and one of the first states out.  Governor Perry has kept Texas strong with sound fiscal conservatism across the board.

How does Liberal Trial Lawyer Bill White overcome the facts below?  Why does Liberal Bill support ObamaCare and Cap and Tax when he knows they will cost Texans so dearly.  Why won’t Liberal Bill rule out raising taxes like Governor Perry has?  Liberal Bill needs to look at Governor Perry’s economic development playbook and see that it is working!  The facts below do not lie.  Unfortunately Liberal Bill is trying to take a page out of Obamas economic development playbook and we all know how well that has been working out.

The information below and more can be found at the Governor’s Economic Development website.

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