Burleson TEA Party Dissolves, Becomes the Johnson County TEA Party

The Burleson TEA Party based in the City of Burleson, Texas in Johnson County has officially dissolved.  The leader Angie Cox sent out the following email announcing it.

From:     Angela Cox
Subject:     Angela Cox Resignation from The Burleson Tea Party
Date:     July 6, 2010 8:32:39 PM CDT
To:     undisclosed recipients:

I hereby resign my position as Chairman/Founder and President of The Burleson Tea Party, effective immediately, as of 8:00pm.

The Burleson Tea Party is not incorporated and I, as Chairman/Founder and President, do hereby, dissolve and dismantle The Burleson Tea Party, effective immediately as well.

I make this decision after careful consideration and due diligence in examining the possible detrimental effects, that The Burleson Tea Party would encounter, due to an existing hostile takeover.

I have stated many times to fellow Burleson Tea Party Team Members and other fellow Americans, that I would do such, as stated above, to protect the dignity and sanctitiy of The Burleson Tea Party, from anyone who may chose to usurp or manipulate it for their own personal agenda or ideals, that conflict with the Nationwide Tea Party Movement. As always, I am a person of my word and I keep it, for the protection of The Burleson Tea Party and my fellow Americans.

Do not despair, for I nor the existing team members of The Burleson Tea Party, have not lost our drive, determination, grit and resolve, to restore our great nation back to the principles of our founding fathers. We are forming a new tea party! Our new tea party will will be in touch soon.

Angela Cox
July 7, 2010

But wait, there is more….

Angie Cox and some former members of the Burleson TEA Party have been reborn as the Johnson County TEA Party.


From:     Angela Cox
Subject:     Were Back!….Formerly Known As The BTP!
Date:     July 11, 2010 12:30:43 PM CDT
To:     undisclosed recipients:


Fellow Americans, just as I told you, the majority of the former BTP Team and I did not let the grass grow under our feet to get right back into the fight to take our country back!

Though efforts of a hostile takeover were taking place, which led to the decision of protecting the dignity and sanctity of The Burleson Tea Party, upon which I rendered my resignation on July 7, 2010 as Chairman/Founder and President and also dissolved and dismantled the organization, the majority of team members of the former BTP Team and I quickly re-grouped, re-organized and have formed The Johnson County Tea Party!

We have filed for incorporation and we are eagerly waiting to receive our Articles of Organization!

The new JCTP Website will be completed soon! I will be sending ya’ll the link asap!

We will also be unveiling our new JCTP logo within the coming days!

Here is our email address:  johnsoncountyteaparty at gmail.com

We are contacting Americans, as well as tea party’s and grassroots organizations from across the country to inform them that we are The Johnson County Tea Party, formerly The Burleson Tea Party! Please remove burlesonteaparty@gmail.com from your email address list and replace it with johnsoncountyteaparty at gmail.com!

Please do not associate the JCTP, the JCTP Team or myself with any new group forming out of the Burleson, Texas area.

Please help spread the word to all you know that the JCTP, formerly the BTP, is here!

My team and I look forward to hearing from ya’ll soon and we are engaged once again, in the fight to take our country back!

For America Always,
Angela Cox, President
The Johnson County Tea Party
The JCTP Team
johnsoncountyteaparty at gmail.com

“…freedom is merely one generation away from extinction.” – President Ronald Reagan

9 responses to “Burleson TEA Party Dissolves, Becomes the Johnson County TEA Party

  1. I work for Bob Beustring, owner of Shady Lakes Ranch in Cleburne, TX, off I-35 to Dallas/Cleburne exit (Hwy 67) go down 4 miles, off Cty Rd. 414. We have a 300+-seat central heat/air pavilion to rent for tea party meetings & he would be happy to attend. Pavilion only used on weekends. call 817-914-0702 to set up.

  2. We’ll let y’all use the pavilion free on weeknights. We just ask that you clean up mess if you provide snacks. We can also cater or serve tea, coffee & sodas, for small fee. Centrally located – few miles from Burleson, 3 miles from Alvarado, right near Keene but considered Cleburne, off Hwy 67 maybe 1 mile.

  3. Ms. Cox, I would like to join the Johnson County Tea Party but have not been able to find out how. Please instruct me in this matter. Thank you.
    Respectfully, Robert Jay

  4. I could never find out how to get into or invloved with the local Burleson tea party. I hope the new on will be more accessable. thanks

  5. For those of you wishing to join the new Johnson County TEA Party I suggest emailing Angie Cox at johnsoncountyteaparty at gmail.com.

  6. I am a member of the Johnson County Tea Party and the following is the link to the new web site.


    There is a contact page there as well as a forum that you can join. We are using some innovative methods with this site to make it interactive with those who visit the site, there are many things yet to be done before it will be fully operational in the way we hope for it to be so please bear with us as we get’r done.

  7. To Angela Cox: WARNING your name and and old email address is being used for a scam. Please contact me and I will forward the email that is being sent out attempting to get individuals to forward money to a new account claiming you are stuck overseas and need help.

  8. Sorry I should have also mentioned your email list has also been hacked and is also being used to solicite these funds.

  9. i think you a freak and a head case.. get over yourself

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