Governor Perry’s Interview with Neil Cavuto

Texas Governor Rick Perry had a wide ranging interview today with Fox News’ Neil Cavuto.  The interview aired on Fox News and Fox News Business channel.  The Governor spoke on border security, the offshore oil drilling moratorium, the proposed Governor’s border conference, the Arizona immigration law and much more.

Watch the videos by clicking on the picture below or here.  The video is hosted on Fox News in two different parts, so make sure you stay through the advertisement and watch the second half of the interview as Governor Perry gets Fired Up!

Governor Perry on Fox News with Neil Cavuto

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Some highlights from the interview, thanks to the Texas Tribune.

On whether he will attend the border governors’ meeting if it’s not held in Arizona:

“I talked to Jan (Brewer) early on and I said, ‘Listen we’re not going to be coming to the meeting. Regardless of what anybody else is saying…We’re going to support you. It’s supposed to be in Arizona, and if other Governors decide they don’t want to come in some type of protest, frankly that’s their business and it’s their loss.’ That’s my call on it. I won’t be there.”

On the Arizona immigration law:
“Every state is different. I totally respect Jan’s position of being able to do what she feels and her legislature feels they need to be doing on that border. We’ve got 1200 miles of border and have been actively pursuing this issue of border security. You cannot have an immigration reform debate until you secure the border.”

On Texas’s relationship with the White House:
“We don’t get a lot of calls from this White House. I have frankly never had a call from them … This is an Administration that clearly has Texas on its radar, and it’s in a bad way.”

On the Administration’s new moratorium on deep water drilling:

“That’s like shutting down all the airlines because one aircraft has crashed. It makes no sense.”

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