Donna Howard Takes Dan Neil Off the Airwaves

Dan Neil’s campaign released the following PR after his liberal opponent tried to sabotage Neil’s ability to make a living for his family.  Would you expect anything else out of the liberal Travis County Democrat’s playbook?

Dan Neil is the Republican running against incumbent liberal Democrat Donna Howard in HD-48, Northwest Travis County.

Dan is one of our many great Travis County Republican candidates that are taking the fight to the Democrats this year on their home turf.  Check out the other great Travis County Republican candidates at the TCRP facebook page.

Running Scared: Donna Howard’s power play takes Dan Neil off the airwaves
Liberal incumbent’s demands sabotage Neil’s ability to make a living

Travis County – Democratic incumbent Donna Howard has forced Republican opponent Dan Neil off the airwaves, harming his ability to make a living with his weekday sports radio show on local ESPN affiliate FM 104.9 The Horn. Neil will now be off the air for the remainder of the 2010 election cycle.

“In forcing me off the airwaves, Donna Howard has only served to give my campaign a greater voice,” said District 48 nominee Dan Neil. “Apparently she thinks voters will be unduly influenced by my views on the spread formation in football, Ron Artest’s shot selection, or the vuvuzelas at the World Cup. She must have a pretty low opinion of voters.”

Neil’s station initiated contact with Howard to determine whether she would attempt to seek equal air time under Federal Communications Commission rules. Howard responded that she wanted four free radio ads a day for each day Neil is on the air, and a written transcript of each show. Howard also wanted to reserve the right to void any agreement that was reached whenever she wanted to void it.

“Representative Howard essentially asked a corporation to subsidize her advertising budget as a caveat to allowing me to continue making a living as a sports commentator,” said Neil. “She was fine with me staying on the air if she could benefit politically, including forcing the station to go to the added burden of producing a written transcript. Voters deserve better than representation that puts raw ambition ahead of all else.”

Howard’s peculiar request for a written transcript, when the station already provides a free recording, amounts to asking the radio station to subsidize her opposition research budget. Her request for free advertising would allow her massive amounts of airtime to drive her political message free of charge while Neil would still have been prohibited from discussing his own race under the terms being negotiated. Negotiations broke down after Howard issued her demands.

“I won’t be silenced by a liberal Democrat running scared,” said Neil. “Voters will not elect me because I can play football, or because I can talk about it, but because I have a fiscally conservative outlook in tough economic times. Representative Howard’s actions will only serve to reinvigorate my campaign.”

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