If a Liberal Trial Lawyer Holds a Town Hall, Does Anyone Care?

Today Liberal Trial Lawyer Bill White hosted a live online town hall.  The problem is no one showed up!  I know how Bill White and his staff  must feel after putting so much presumably hard work into an event that fails.  All the work you do the days and weeks prior to that one big event, be it a social gathering or a political event and then have no one show up, very frustrating stuff.  Of course I do not know this from first hand experience of having an event of mine fall flat, but I have attended a few political events in the past that failed, including one memorable event that was turned into a video and set to the tune “I am All Alone…”

According to the Ustream website that showed the number of viewers in real time the town hall had 13 people. See for yourself below.

White’s team heavily promoted this live townhall on social media platforms, including twitter as seen below.

Bill White’s failed online town hall earns 1st place in the 2010 Governors race failed events.  The White campaign is beating out a couple of terribly bad primary events that were epic failures on both sides of the aisle.  This is the general election, the public is much more interested in the race now than they were during the primary.  The reported total number of viewers was less than 170 people, statewide, world wide for that matter.  This is a very embarrassing turn out.  It is not like people had to take time off from their jobs and drive to an event, all they had to do was go to a free website and watch it while going about their daily work.  Don’t forget you have to factor into the 170 total viewers the number of campaign operatives on both sides of the aisle and reporters watching the live town hall, thus bringing the number of true White supporters even lower.

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