Thanks to Speaker Straus Jason Isaac Posts Impressive Fundraising Numbers

Jason Isaac is reporting that he raised over $169,000 this last Texas Ethics Commission (TEC) reporting period.  Isaac is the Republican candidate running for HD-45, made up of Blanco, Hays and Caldwell counties.  This is great news and shows that not only does Isaac have the grassroots behind his campaign (just go to one of his events to see the numerous fired up activists working on his campaign) he also has the financial backing he will need to take on liberal poster boy Patrick Rose.

On a side note, Isaac raised this money the old fashion way, hard work, with no big fancy Austin fundraisers with lobbyist or high ranking state officials like Republican Texas Speaker of the House, Rep. Joe Straus.

Even though Speaker Straus headlined a fundraiser for Isaac’s liberal opponent Isaac has Straus to thank for his large fundraising haul.  The uproar that Speaker Straus caused in conservative circles by headlining a fundraiser for a democrat that has a “viable” Republican challenger gave Isaac some much needed earned media that helped boost his campaign’s war chest from small online donors across the state and by boosting his volunteer rolls.

You can view Isaac’s TEC report along with every other Texas Elected official and candidate when they are released to the public on July 15th at the TEC website.  Transparency in government and politics only works if you the voter actually uses the free tools provided to them, so go the TEC website and research who is giving money to who!  I bet you can find a couple of liberal trial lawyers giving large amounts to not only Liberal Trail Lawyer Bill White but to Isaac’s opponent as well.

Below is the PR that Jason Isaac released.

Jason Isaac Raises Over $169,000

TO:  Texas Media Outlets

FR:  Jason Isaac Campaign HQ

SUBJECT:  Jason Isaac raises over $169,000

Jason Isaac, Republican candidate for State Representative in Texas House District 45, has raised over $169,000 in his campaign to unseat incumbent Democrat Patrick Rose.  For this reporting period, Isaac’s fundraising total surpasses the total amount raised in the same reporting period by the past three Republican candidates combined.

Isaac’s fundraising success comes from a variety of sources, including hundreds of small-dollar donations and several large individual contributions.  During the final hours of the reporting period, the campaign leveraged multiple new media channels to solicit donors, including aggressive Twitter posts, Facebook updates, and email.  In the final few hours, the campaign raised over $7,000 dollars via new media alone.

“The support my campaign for State Representative has received this early is simply overwhelming.  The people of Hays, Caldwell, and Blanco counties have had enough of self-serving politicians and are ready for new leadership.  They are ready to join me in getting back to work for real conservative solutions, not the inexperienced philosophies of the Democrat incumbent,” said Jason Isaac.

This next legislative session, Texas is facing a multi-billion dollar budget deficit.  Solving these problems will require real-world, hands-on business experience and fiscal responsibility.  Incumbent Democrat Patrick Rose’s disappointing record demonstrates that he is not cut out to handle the looming budget challenges.  He has received failing grades from the leading business and fiscal organizations in the state including:

  • Texas Association of Business (61% avg.)
  • Americans for Prosperity (57% ’07)
  • Heritage Alliance (36% avg.)
  • National Federation of Independent Business (69% avg.)
  • Texans for Fiscal Responsibility (44% avg.)

“Central Texans can no longer afford the Washington-style spending tactics of the incumbent Democrat,” said Isaac.

To learn more about Jason Isaac and his campaign for State Representative, log on to

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