Texas Ranked #1 for Business By CNBC!

CNBC has named Texas as the number one place for business in the nation!  CNBC says that “Texas powers past the tough times on the strength of its economy—top-ranked in our Economy category four years in a row. The Texas economy is the 15th largest in the world, according to government figures; larger, for example, than all the Scandinavian nations combined.”

CNBC also mentions that Texas is the home to 64 Fortune 500 companies, more than any other state and these companies are in diversified industries, aka not just in oil and gas.  In fact in 2008 when oil was at a record high of $145 a barrel compared to about half that price today, Texas still fared better this year compared to 2008.  That just goes to show how diversified the Texas economy is.

CNBC states that “Texas managed to avoid the worst of the real estate crisis, according to reporter Ashanti Blaize of KXAS-TV. “While in other major cities we’ve seen condo high-rise projects either slowed or come to a screeching halt, in Dallas we’ve seen an influx of some of those projects,” says Blake.”

I am glad that the main stream media and the rest of the nation is taking notice of the Texas success story.  Governor Perry has been saying these same things about Texas’ economy for months now!  Just look at http://www.rickperry.org/texassucceeding.  The CNBC talking points are almost taken word for word from that website!

Governor Perry sums up the reasons behind Texas’ economic success.

“Here’s the Texas blueprint: 1. Don’t spend all the money. 2. Keep taxes low 3. Maintain a fair and predictable regulatory climate. 4. Fund an accountable education system to ensure an educated, skilled workforce. 5. Tort reform to prevent oversuing. Then get out of the way and let the private sector do what the private sector does best– create jobs and wealth.”

Here is the video of Governor Perry’s interview on CNBC explaining why Texas is succeeding.

Governor Perry's interview with CNBC on Why Texas Is the #1 Place to Do Business

In honor of CNBC ranking Texas as the number one place to do business in the nation they are broadcasting live all day today (Wedensday July 14th) from Katz’s Deli in downtown Austin.

Bright and early this morning the local NBC affiliate KXAN held a live broadcast outside of Katz’s Deli.  To the reporter’s surprise they found a group of Perry supporters there fired up that CNBC had crowned Texas as the number one place to do business in the nation!  All before 5:45 AM might I add.  They must of had some great coffee or something this morning!

Here is the video from KXAN.

KXAN Broadcasts Live at Katz's Deli with Perry Supporters Fired Up About Texas Being Ranked #1 Place to Do Business By CNBC

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