25% of Bill White’s Donors Are From Washington, D.C.

Bill White claims to be a tried and true Texan.  He even has worn a funny looking cowboy hat to try to advance his image as a down to earth Texan who is just like you and me.

Bill White is such a tried and true Texan that 75% of his donors are from Texas (per the Texas Tribune story below).  Wait a minute, that does not sound like a high percentage, yea it is passing in your high school math class, but nothing to be proud of.

Dig into that number deeper and you will learn that almost 25% of Bill White’s donors came from Washington, D.C.  Why would a man of the people, a Texan, just like you and me have to raise almost 25% of his money from Washington, D.C.?  Because Bill White’s policies are to liberal for Texans and the Texas donors have realized that.

Bill White can’t raise enough money in Texas because he is too liberal for Texas, so he goes to Washington, D.C. to raise money where his liberal ideas and policies are well received.

For the record Governor Perry raised about 97% of his money from Texas.  Not Washington, D.C.

Here is the story from the Texas Tribune.

Gubernatorial candidate Bill White may have more campaign cash on hand than Republican incumbent Gov. Rick Perry — but where it came from could hurt the former Houston mayor’s campaign. That’s because nearly 25 percent of the donations since Feb. 20 — about $1.8 million — came from contributors in Washington, D.C.

Perry, by contrast, got about 97 percent of his contributions from people and groups who listed Texas addresses. In a political cycle defined by anti-Washington sentiment, the Perry campaign has characterized White as a ‘D.C.-insider,’ taking any opportunity to associate him with President Barack Obama, whose popularity has declined in recent months.

“It’s not surprising that Bill White would raise such large amounts of money from Washington considering he is the poster boy for President Obama’s liberal policies,” Perry’s campaign spokesman, Mark Miner, said in a statement.

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