Why Obama is Coming to Texas

The Republican Party of Texas has a great piece on why President Obama is coming to Texas.  Spoiler alert, it is because the liberals correctly perceive Texas as a threat to their way of life and their failed liberal policies.  This should fire up the Republican base in Texas!

Bill White is hiding out from Obama and refuses to attend the DNC fundraisers with him.  Why?  White is afraid that the people of Texas will realize Obama and White are one and the same.  They both support the same failed liberal policies and are too liberal for Texas.

On the other hand Governor Perry is calling on Obama to meet with him to discuss border security and the abject failure the Federal Government has been on that front.  Who wants to bet me Obama will take a meeting with Perry while he is in Texas?

Below is from the RPT website.

“Something wicked this way comes…” ~ Macbeth

The Obama Team and the Democratic National Committee have Texas in their sights. Last year they chose to have their annual fall meeting in Texas’ capital city because they think they can turn Texas BLUE in the next election. President Obama himself is now campaigning and raising money in Texas to help the Democratic Party. Working with Organizing for America, they have announced plans to place over 30 paid political operatives in Texas — many of whom are already here. And they have made it clear that they want to bring their failed Washington policies to a bedrock Republican state that is still thriving despite Democrat attempts to run our great country into the ground.

The Democrats know that the only battle they have a real shot at winning this year in Texas is to overtake our razor-thin Republican majority in the Texas House of Representatives and they are launching an unprecedented effort to do it. And there’s a reason they care about the Texas Legislature. Apart from forging a Democrat stronghold in a historically conservative state, they want control of the upcoming redistricting process since Texas is poised to gain up to four additional seats in Congress — four potential Democrat reinforcements for Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and President Obama.

Texas Republicans are facing their largest threat in over a decade. This is a call to action to all conservative Texans because we are now on the front line in the battle for our country’s future. So goes Texas, so goes the nation.

If you’re sick and tired of all the “change” we’re getting from the Democrat majority in Washington, D.C. and feel like there’s nothing you can do about it, this is your fight. We must draw a line in the sand and with a loud voice tell the Obama Team and national Democrats to keep their HANDS OFF TEXAS!

Take Action

In Their Own Words

“It’s clear the DNC recognizes the potential role for Texas Democrats in our Party’s long-term success nationally as well as for electoral gains here in Texas.”

Boyd Richie, Texas Democratic Party Chairman

Texas Democratic Party Press Release, 06/01/2009

“In so many ways, I believe Texas is poised to move towards [the Democrats’] column… Add to that the significant investments we plan to make in Texas through Organizing for America (OFA), and the work OFA will be doing in communities across the state in support of the President’s important and popular agenda, and we have every reason to feel bullish about our chances in Texas.”

Gov. Tim Kaine, Democratic National Committee Chairman

Houston Chronicle, 06/01/2009

“Through the DNC, Organizing for America (OFA) will be establishing a robust Texas operation in support of President Obama’s agenda, and will be placing over 30 paid organizers on the ground.”

Boyd Richie, Texas Democratic Party Chairman

Burnt Orange Report, 06/07/2009

“The DNC selected Texas for the September meeting precisely because we’re on the cusp of turning Texas blue… This DNC meeting marks the beginnings of our reemergence.”

Rick Cofer, DNC Committeeman

Burnt Orange Report, 06/01/2009

“We have a chance to take back the state House which is significant for redistricting. I can’t speak to exactly how 2012 will shake out, but there was such a gain between 2004 and 2008. If you look at Texas and where it’s at demographically and ideologically, it’s really on the precipice of turning blue.”

Luke Hayes, Texas Director of Organizing for America (OFA-TX)

Texas Tribune, 05/20/2010

“The DLCC is determined to run the largest Democratic redistricting mobilization in history this year to ensure that our state legislative candidates have the resources needed to win against well-heeled Republican special interests. To make this possible, we have established the DLCC’s Redistricting Fund to deploy $20 million to races that will have the greatest impact on reapportionment.”

Michael Sargeant, Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC) Executive Director

DLCC Memorandum, 03/15/2010

“The Democratic Party is launching a $20 million ‘redistricting fund’ to target legislative bodies in 14 states deemed pivotal in drawing the next congressional map. Among the fund’s targets: the Texas House, where Republicans hold a four-seat majority.”

Aman Batheja, Reporter

Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 03/14/2010

“Our job is to have a Democratic speaker of the House.”

Matt Angle, Washington, D.C.-based democrat operative

Austin American-Statesman, 01/13/2009

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