Rand Paul, Baylor University, YCT and the NoZe Brothers

After winning the primary in Kentucky Republican Senate nominee Rand Paul, son of current Texas Congressman and former presidential candidate Ron Paul, is facing some weird accusations.  Since when did Kentucky politics become as dirty as South Carolina politics?

Why is this of any interest to Texans?  Ran Paul attended Baylor University from 1981 through 1984 and was a member of the kinda sorta secret society the NoZe Brothers and the Young Conservatives of Texas.

Notice I said Rand Paul attended Baylor, not graduated from Baylor.  After he was accepted into Duke Medical School he left Baylor early before graduating to start at Duke Medical School where he graduated from.  Some people are trying to make an issue out of this, where there is none.  Rand Paul’s campaign has never said that he “graduated” from Baylor, only that he “attended” Baylor.  Our main stream media outlets including some major national publications took “attended” to mean “graduated” from, and thus the perception was put out that Rand Paul graduated from Baylor.  Once again our main stream media fails us and can not do some simple background checking, isn’t that the real story here?

The even weirder allegation is laid out in this GQ article.  But this post is going in a different direction.  Within said GQ article it is revealed that Rand Paul was a member of the NoZe Brothers and Young Conservatives of Texas while attending Baylor.  Looking at his membership in these two groups brings light to the TEA Party/Republican/Libertarian political path he has chosen.

The Noze Brothers are a kinda sorta secret society of men and women on the Baylor campus.  They publish a satirical newspaper, The Rope, and enjoy mocking stereotypical Baylor culture and the Baylor Administration.  I say they are a kinda sorta secret society because they gather in public disguised with fake noses, glasses and wigs as the picture below of Paul and his fellow NoZe Brothers shows.  The picture is from the GQ article mention above.

Rand Paul as a Noze Brother, middle right with a black coat and a straw hat

The Baylor Magazine has this to say about The NoZe Brothers.

The NoZe Brothers, a group of about 25 male and female students, are to Baylor what cockleburs are to a field of bluebonnets – irritating, prickly, sometimes even a little painful. And despite periodic eradication, they keep coming back, tenacious and tough as any weed must be to survive.But then, a weed to one naturalist may be a beautiful flower to another. How does one characterize the NoZe, a self-proclaimed (and self-acclaimed) satirical, countercultural group whose mission is to poke fun at Baylor, to put the “pie” in piety, the “pun” in punctilious?

Full Article here.

The Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT) is a nonpartisan group made up of college students in Texas who proudly and at some times loudly fight to uphold the conservative principals they believe in.  They are very active politically on and off campus and are known for their provoking political events and commentary on campuses across Texas.  My favorite one is “Coming Out of the Closet Conservative” event that has been held on the ultra liberal UT campus.  On a side note YCT is also know for bath tubs full of beer at their annual state convention, I wonder how that plays into Rand Paul’s political beliefs.

Rand Paul’s membership with the Noze Brothers shows that at an early age he was not afraid to voice his opinion against the status quo and the powers that be, aka the Baylor administration and the majority of Baylor students who were too “stereotypical” for Paul and his fellow brothers.  Paul’s YCT membership shows that he was not afraid to stand up and fight for his conservative beliefs, and that he had no love for the moderates in the Republican Party.

Paul was not afraid to dance to his own beat (which was not allowed on the Baylor campus when Paul attended Baylor) when he was in college and that is still evident today in his political beliefs.  He was standing up to an overbearing administration as a NoZe Brother and now he is standing up to the perceived Republican Establishment that as a YCT member he must of though were too moderate.  Although now Paul has wisely left his fake nose, glasses and wig at home.

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