Bill White Refuses to Rule Out Taxes and Debt for Roads

Bill White refuses to rule out raising taxes and incurring more debt to finance new roads in Texas.  Governor Rick Perry flatly refuses to raise taxes to fund new roads. In the AP article that broke the story Perry campaign spokesman Mark Miner says Perry “has been very clear … raising taxes is not on the table. A better way to manage government is to cut costs and use fiscal responsibility.”

The differences between the two candidates for Governor of Texas could not be starker.  During a time of economic hardship one candidate wants to raise your taxes and take on more debt, while the other candidate pledges not to raise taxes and calls on the government to cut costs and use fiscal responsibility, just like your family does in times of economic hardship.

Governor Perry said the following about Bill White wanting to raise taxes.

“Bill White’s call for tax increases is the last thing working families of Texas need in these challenging economic times.

“Transportation, border security and education are just some of the issues that will be a priority in the next state budget. However, just as families have to prioritize spending to make ends meet, so too must their government.

“The people of Texas expect their elected officials to reduce spending and practice fiscal responsibility, not raise taxes in search of additional revenues. I will continue to work with the legislature to identify ways to cut taxes so families can keep more of their hard-earned dollars and keep the Texas economy the envy of the nation.”

Bill White’s campaign website is called “Bill White for Texas.”  It should be changed to “Bill White for TAXES.”  To bad for Bill White, Texans for Fiscal Responsibility have all ready claimed Bill White for TAXES and launched a fact filled website that is attempting to decode Bill Whites liberal double speak.

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