Topless Protest Planned for Downtown Austin

File this under “Only in Austin.”

Men and women have a constitutional right to be topless in public places so claims the group  This group is calling for states and cities to recognize a woman’s right to go topless in public places or else!  The or else part is that if cities and states don’t voluntarily comply with their demands they will attempt to force males to forgo going shirtless in the name of equal rights!

Their rallying cry is Topless equal rights for all or none!  Almost as good as Remember the Alamo….

The group will be holding a rally this Sunday in downtown Austin at noon on the corner of 6th and Congress.  Just in time for the families leaving one of the many downtown churches to catch a glimpse.

According to the My Fox Austin news story women will go topless while men will cover up with bikini tops or bras.

During the protest, while participating women go bare, male participants will cover their chests to comply with gender equal rights by wearing bikini tops or bras.

Austin is the only major city in Texas that does not have an ordinance against women going topless in public. The group hopes that the protest on Sunday will help other Texas cities repeal their ban on ordinances that prevent women from going topless in public.

Does anyone know of the City of Austin code says it is legal for men and women to be topless?

Does this story beat the previous “Only in Waco“post?

2 responses to “Topless Protest Planned for Downtown Austin

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  2. Surely, you jest…What is this world coming to?

    I guess the people behind the “Keep Austin Wierd” campaign are succeeding spectacularly well.

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