Job Creation: Continuing the Texas Success Story

Texas continues to lead the nation in job creation and now is adding 300 more jobs to the list in part to a Texas Enterprise Fund grant to Fortune 500 giant Becton, Dickinson and Company, a leading global medical technology company. The company’s leaders noted Texas’ skilled workforce and stalwart academic institutions as reasons it relocated to Texas.

Fortune 500 companies moving into Texas does not happen by accident.  How would Bill White entice more Fortune 500 companies to move to Texas and create jobs?

By raising taxes of course.

Not only has Governor Perry pledged to not raise taxes but under his leadership, Texas has outpaced every other state by leaps and bounds in job creation this year and over the past decade. No other state can boast more Fortune 500 company headquarters than Texas with its low-tax, low-regulation, business-friendly economic climate. Texas is consistently applauded as a model for good government and good fiscal policy, even in the wake of a national recession.

Recently in response to job creation reports, an economist at economic research firm Moody’s Analytics declared “Texas is moving along. Nobody’s moving fast, but you’ve got to admire a state that is this large and is doing this well.”

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