President Obama Comes Back to Texas

President Obama is visited Fort Bliss in El Paso Texas today to mark the end of the United States combat mission in Iraq.  Texas Governor Rick Perry once again requested that Obama meet with him to discuss border security and the dire situation on the southern border.

Last time Obama was in Texas Perry greeted him at the Austin airport and tried to passed along a detailed letter to Obama explaining the situation on the border and calling for help.  Obama deflected the letter to one of his senior aides.

Governor Perry called on Obama to meet with him today while he was in Texas to go over the details in the letter and to try to explain the situation to the federal government and get them to step up and do their job.

Unfortunately Obama has once again denied Governor Perry’s request to meet and discuss border security.

Does Obama and the national Democrats think that by ignoring the war on our southern border that it does not exist?  Fortunately for Texas Perry is not ignoring the border and is putting state resources towards securing the border while D.C. and Obama continue to ignore the escalating problem.

Because the federal government has failed to secure our border, Texas has allocated its own funds to the effort which have enabled Texas to apply technology and Texas law enforcement assets to fight both border crime and gang violence in communities on the border and across Texas.

Under Governor Perry’s leadership the Texas legislatures has allocated more than $200 million in border security funding over the last two legislative sessions. This funding has supported a series of border security operations that have increased law enforcement presence along the border, centralized border related intelligence, unified state, local and federal resources, committed Texas Military Forces assets and leveraged new technologies along the border.

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