PolitiFact Confirms Maldonado Has No Grassroots

PolitiFact is a project of the Austin American-Statesman that tests the truthfulness of politician’s and public official’s statements.  Recently they put Larry Gonzales statement to the test that was covered in a previous post.

“We are not soliciting paid walkers on Craig’s List like my opponent is, who is offering to pay complete strangers by the hour to carry her message.”

PolitiFact rated Gonzales statement as true, with the Maldonado campaign admitting they are seeking paid block walkers through Craigslist.

Maldonado’s campaign confirmed using Craigslist to hire block walkers. We rate Gonzales’ statement True.

It is nice to see the main stream media picking up on stories that bloggers in their pajamas in mom’s basement break in between playing WOW and Halo all night.

Unlike Maldonado, Larry Gonzales has no problem getting his motivated grassroots supporters volunteering for him for free.  His campaign hosted a block walk last weekend that had almost 40 volunteers attend.  Check out Larry’s facebook page for more photos of the event.

You can join Larry and his unpaid volunteers on Monday night at his campaign headquarters grand opening party.

One response to “PolitiFact Confirms Maldonado Has No Grassroots

  1. I would be very concerned about these people the Diana Maldonado campaign is hiring through Craig’s List. Are they doing background checks? Or is Maldonado just handing out walk sheets to complete strangers she hired through the internet? Those walk sheets have a lot of information about voters…

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