Governor Perry to Washingon (RedSkins): Bring It On

Texas strikes back hard against an over intrusive Washington, DC, on the football field that is!

From the Washington Post.

Cowboy Up: Perry Wants Competition Sunday, September 12, 2010

At times, Texas and Washington have been known to butt heads over matters of policy.

Personally, I prefer it when Washingtonians are targeting their ire on the annual underachievers on their local football team instead of our successful conservative approach to governing here in the Lone Star State. That’s just another reason to welcome the new football season.

For as long as I can remember, the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins have been a defining rivalry in the NFL – if “rivalry” is defined as “a hopelessly one-sided series of stinging defeats.”

To be fair, the rivalry’s not really that one-sided. Heck, Dallas only owns a 20-game advantage in the series. That deficit (and what’s Washington without a deficit?) could be overcome with only 10 short years of consecutive Redskin wins, and perhaps even faster if the teams were to meet in the playoffs.

To put this in terms a Redskin fan can understand: The “playoffs” are what happen at the end of the “regular season,” or, as it’s known in D.C., “the end of the season.”

This year, the Redskins are reinventing the franchise with the hiring of Mike Shanahan. I hope this attempt will fare better than famous previous Washington makeover attempts, like the Steve Spurrier Experiment, the Joe Gibbs Comeback and, of course, Joe Biden.

From their perspective, the Cowboys have their eyes on the prize. I’m not afraid to admit that with a young quarterback in his prime and a top-tier defense, the Cowboys have folks in Big D thinking “hometown Super Bowl.”

Redskins fans, meanwhile, have to be content as management continues to tweak the team’s three remaining “trouble spots”: offense, defense and special teams.

I do wish the Redskins well as they play the Cowboys. As we always used to say when I played small-town, six-man football in high school, the most important thing is to play fair, play hard.

In fact, I invite Redskin fans to visit Texas and enjoy the oddly familiar experience of seeing at least six players on a team actually exert themselves.

In all seriousness, a new season brings football fans a renewed sense of hope, an opportunity to witness and reward remarkable talent, individuals and team efforts. As Americans struggle to maintain our optimism and enthusiasm in these trying times, we’re all thankful for the new season and the next chapter in storied rivalries like the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins.

One response to “Governor Perry to Washingon (RedSkins): Bring It On

  1. You shouldn’t even mention playoffs until your team can muster up more than one win in the playoffs in 13 years. Oh yeah how’s that super bowl run looking. The Cowboys are a joke, no matter how good they look they are choke artist. At least with Skins fans we know when our team is bad. In addition to that we have to beat the refs too. See yall next season though.

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