Great Bloggers Do Not Make Great Shooters

Last weekend the Red State Convention hit Austin and Governor Perry had a chance to play host to hundreds of influential Texas and national conservative bloggers and activists.  How did Perry welcome these activists to Texas, by taking them shooting sporting clays followed by world famous El Arroyo Margaritas of course!

On Friday afternoon Perry hosted about 40 bloggers and activists at the Cypress Valley Preserve northwest of Austin for sporting clays.  Shooting sporting clays is like shooting skeet, but harder.  Each station presents a new set of shots at small clay targets that are launched two at a time.  The stations represent different bird hunting situations that you would face in the field.

I had the opportunity to shoot clays with a great group of conservative activists and bloggers, including Matt Lewis and Melissa Clouthier and their respective significant others.

One lesson I learned shooting with these folks is that great bloggers do not make great shooters, sorry Matt and Melissa.  Blogging might actually make you predisposed to be a bad shooter.  I can’t say my shooting was anything to brag about either…but any time you get to get in the field and do some shooting is a good day in my book, even if the ground broke more clays than myself and my group did.

Here is a round up of other peoples take of the event



Travis Moniter-


2 responses to “Great Bloggers Do Not Make Great Shooters

  1. Your quite right. Shooting skeet requires practice, practice, practice. Just writing about it doesn’t do it. You may know all the rules and proper techniques but unless you put them to actual practice your skeet shooting will not improve. As they say a bad day on the shooting range is better than a good day at work.

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