Bastrop County Commissioner Candidate’s Family Threatened and Dog Killed

Hays County is not the only place that is seeing illegal actions directed towards Republican political campaigns.

Stealing yard signs and other forms of petty campaign vandalism is an unfortunate part of politics today, but the actions described below go to far.

Republican candidate for Bastrop County Commissioner, Precinct 4 Rocky Palmquist has been the target of threatening phone calls against himself and his family.

When candidate Rocky Palmquist began receiving anonymous, hang-up phone calls asking, in a threatening manner, whether his family members were OK, we made light of it, but Mr. Palmquist obtained better security for himself and his family.

Rocky was not dissuaded by anonymous threatening phone calls, so the perpetrators took it one gruesome step forward.

Today, I am sad to report, Mr. Palmquist has found his dog’s head beaten in and the body hung from his fence.  Enough is enough.  These criminal acts are violence against free elections, which affects all of us of whatever political stripe we may be.  They are designed to silence or punish those who would speak out and offer themselves to the electorate as a candidate.  I accuse no one but the perpetrators, whomever they may be.  It is these perpetrators who should be living in fear of the justice of our community, and that fear keeping them in check, rather than our candidates living in fear of the perpetrators’ crimes.  I call upon the entire community to band together to ensure that Bastrop County is a safe place where people of all persuasions can run for office.

The information provided above are direct quotes from Albert Ellison, Chairman of the Bastrop County Republican Party from an email sent out today.

In Texas of all places you don’t mess with a man’s dog or family.  The perpetrators better hope that the police catch them before Rocky does.

The Texas Castle Doctrine that was signed into law by Governor Perry in 2007 (legal use of deadly force to protect life and property) comes into mind right about now and the “better security” Rocky provided for himself and his family following the threatening phone calls.

2 responses to “Bastrop County Commissioner Candidate’s Family Threatened and Dog Killed

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  2. Does this surprise anyone? This is how Communists intimidate. What cowards killing a defenseless dog. Where are all the PETA and liberal animal rights people in Austin? Oh its ok because the dog belongs to a conservative? I hope you meet a barrel of a shotgun.

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