New Front Opens in the Texas Speakers Race, Does it Matter?

A new front has opened in the Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives race, on twitter.

Recently three new twitter handles have been created for and against current Texas Speaker Joe Strauss and for Rep. Warren Chisum, a potential challenger to Joe Straus.

First I was followed by @RINOJoe, then @NewTXGOPSpeaker and last but not least @Chisum4Taxes.  All three of these accounts became active around September 24th, 2010.

@Chisum4Taxes appears to be affiliated with an anonymous blog “Sideline Bomb Thrower” who happily declares they he/she is “Lobbing cheap shots from the cheap seats.”



I tried to find @NewTXGOPSpeaker on twitter today and the account has been deleted.  Maybe an over zealous staffer went too far and got busted?


Background: As of right now only Representative Leo Berman has declared he will run for Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives against current Speaker Joe Straus.

Rep. Warren Chisum is testing the water about entering the speakers race.  Chisum and Berman were both lieutenants of former Speaker Tom Craddick who was ousted by a coalition of the “Gang of 11” Republicans and the Democrats led by Democratic Caucus Chairman Jim Dunnam.  Thanks to the new leadership team both Chisum and Berman were ousted from positions of power and influence.

Does this new twitter front even matter in the whole scheme of things?  There might not even be a Speakers race if Republicans do not pick up enough House seats in November.  Even if the Republicans do pick up enough House seats to overcome the Gang of 11 combined with the Democrats, will those new members be willing to risk going against the current leadership and potentially being in the doghouse for their freshman session?  Not to mention that this new front is playing out on twitter…

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