Young Conservatives of Texas Call for Concealed Carry On Campus

The Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT) renewed their call for allowing concealed carry on Texas public universities following the tragic shooting on the University of Texas campus.
September 28, 2010

Young Conservatives of Texas, a non-partisan conservative youth organization, has been fighting for conservative values for more than three decades in the Lone Star State and publishes the most respected ratings of the Texas Legislature. YCT has chapters at universities across Texas. To learn more about YCT, their legislative ratings, or their endorsements visit

Following the events that unfolded at the University of Texas at Austin campus Tuesday morning,Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT) is urging the Texas Legislature to enact legislation allowing students, faculty, and any other visitors on campus who have a Concealed Handgun License to be able to carry a concealed handgun at all Texas universities. Current Texas law states that university campuses are gun free zones.

Tuesday morning a masked gunman, armed with a semi-automatic rifle, fired shots on the University of Texas campus before turning his gun on himself. Fortunately, no other students were injured or killed.

“The event today proves that so-called ‘gun free zones’ don’t protect people,” said Tony McDonald, YCT’s Senior Vice Chairman. “Crazed gunmen don’t follow firearms regulations; victims do. Students should not be stripped of their rights and forced to rely on the protection of police or the mercy of a killer,” added Mr. McDonald

Tyler Norris, YCT Chapter Chairman at UT received word of the shooting from a friend early Tuesday morning.

“I got a text message from my roommate saying that people were running away from campus because there was a shooting taking place,” said Mr. Norris. “It’s unfortunate that students on campus were unable to protect themselves. I’m just glad nobody was killed or injured.”

House Bill 1893, filed by Representative Joe Driver during the 81st Texas Legislature, would have allowed concealed handgun license holders to carry their concealed handguns on Texas university campuses. Members of YCT testified in support of the bill and lobbied legislators to support ts

“We are very fortunate that no one other than the gunman was harmed today, but the result could have easily been very different,” said Josh Perry, Executive Director of YCT. “As the old adage says,‘When seconds matter, police are only minutes away.’ Concealed Carry on Campus will be our top legislative priority this upcoming session.” concluded Perry.

One response to “Young Conservatives of Texas Call for Concealed Carry On Campus

  1. The hoplophobes always talk about “kids” with guns when opposing campus carry. I guess they don’t know that you have to be 21 to get your Texas CHL. I guess they never thought of nontraditional students or faculty or alumni. I guess they just don’t think.
    When I go to my college homecoming, I’m going to have to leave my right to self defense at home because of some imaginary line drawn by one of my “betters.” Sure, it isn’t necessarily a good idea to arm the guys from “Animal House,” but there are a lot of other people on campus… responsible people.

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