Perry Raises $8 Million, Reports $10 Million Cash On Hand

Texans for Rick Perry is reporting that they have raised over $28 million for the ’09-’10 election cycle from 18,571 contributors.  Since July 1st the campaign has raised $8 million and has $10 million cash on hand.
That $10 million will come in handy these next 29 days when finally a majority of the voters are paying attention to the campaigns.
Bill White is only reporting $2.75 million cash on hand.  White’s campaign has spent about $11 million and his liberal allies have spent millions more while not moving an inch in the polls…not a very good steward of money one might say.  Would he govern the same way, recklessly throwing money at a problem and getting no results?
How will our friends on the left try to spin this one?  We shall see soon enough.

Texans for Rick Perry Raises Over $28 Million for ’09-’10 Election Cycle

More than $8 Million raised since July 1; Reports more than $10 Million Cash On Hand

AUSTIN – The Texans for Rick Perry campaign today announced it has raised $28,305,340 this election cycle from 18,571 contributors, a significant increase in money raised and number of contributors from past elections. The campaign raised $8,266,334.66 between July 1 and Sept. 23 this year, including $443,892 in online contributions. The campaign reports $10,014,478.75 cash on hand.

“Texans from across the state continue to generously support Gov. Perry’s re-election campaign and his principled leadership which has made Texas the envy of the nation,” said Texans for Rick Perry spokesman Mark Miner. “Gov. Perry is proud to have broad support for his policies to further strengthen our economy, create more jobs, improve our state’s education and secure our border.”

During the current election cycle, approximately 8,000 more contributors have given to the campaign compared to the same periods in 2002 and 2006, when 10,566 and 7,417 individuals contributed to the campaign, respectively. Compared to the reporting periods from July 1 – Sept. 23 in 2002, 2006 and 2010, the campaign raised $4,013,944.75, $3,072,059.08, and $8,266,334.66, respectively.

Raising more than $4.2 million more in this reporting period from past elections, Texans for Rick Perry has gained significant momentum in its fundraising efforts, signaling ongoing and growing support of Gov. Perry’s leadership from Texans across the state. In this reporting period, more than 95 percent of contributions are from Texas donors and 73 percent of contributions are less than $500, with the average contribution being about $1,230.

The report Texans for Rick Perry has filed with the Texas Ethics Commission is available online at

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