Is Sarah Palin Endorsing Dr. Donna Campbell and Bill Flores?

The Texas Insider is reporting that on her facebook page Sarah Palin is “hinting” at support for Dr. Donna Campbell who is running in CD-25 against incumbent ultra liberal Loyd Doggett.

Below is from Sarah Palin’s facebook page.

I will venture to say that this is a prelude to a full blown endorsement, but we shall see what happens tomorrow and if the candidates listed above get Sarah Palin’s coveted endorsement (Note: Governor Perry received Palin’s endorsement in the GOP primary).

No matter what happens tomorrow, this is great news for the candidates listed above.

One of the candidates listed above Bill Flores might about to be having his best week ever.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is pulling out of the CD-17 race where incumbent liberal Chet Edwards is struggling against a strong GOP challenger Bill Flores.

Say what you want about the Republican and Democratic congressional campaign committees run out of Washington DC, but they are ruthless when it comes to dropping a campaign that they no longer think is competitive.  There are just to many other races across the country to be investing their limited resources in a non-competitive race.  There is no way Edwards can spin this one.

In the past we have seen the Republican committee dropping the Republican challenger facing off against Chet Edwards, it is refreshing to see it the other way finally!

2 responses to “Is Sarah Palin Endorsing Dr. Donna Campbell and Bill Flores?

  1. Thanks John you beat me to Twitter on this great news!!

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