New Video: Bill White’s Sanctuary City

Texans for Rick Perry has released a new video, “Bill White’s Sanctuary City.”

Included in this video are testimonials from Houston police officers explaining their support for Gov. Perry and their opposition to former Houston mayor Bill White.

That has got to hurt, your own hometown police and fire departments not endorsing you….

2 responses to “New Video: Bill White’s Sanctuary City

  1. Houston has never been a
    sancutary city.
    Why do the Republicans spread such easily refuted lies?

    Rick Perry’s consultants and cronies have falsely accused Bill White of
    making Houston a sanctuary city, when that label has no relation to reality.

    Houston has never been a sanctuary city. In fact, as the Texas Tribune
    highlighted, Houston did more to identify illegal immigrants with criminal
    records than many other cities and more than the State of Texas.

    Make sure anyone who has heard the sanctuary city myth also sees this page
    for the truth. You can also see a report rating this claim FALSE at the
    independent fact checking website

    Bill White strengthened City of Houston policies to ensure that illegal
    immigrants with a criminal history were identified and turned over to
    federal authorities. Under Bill White’s leadership, the City tightened
    procedures to ensure that people not authorized to work in the United States
    were not hired.

  2. Lucille, here is some information from independent groups saying Houston is a sanctuary city, even the Houston Chronicle agrees in the story below.

    These stories were not taken from a campaign website like yours are above.

    Houston Police Officers endorse Gov. Perry and declare that Houston is a sanctuary city –

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