When Judge Jeff Rose’s Court is in Session, Judge Judy Watches

Who is Judge Jeff Rose?  He runs the most interesting court in Travis County, he’s Judge Jeff Rose and he deserves your vote to keep him as our Travis County District Judge.

In addition to being an outstanding judge, lawyer and public servant Judge Rose has a sense of humor.  Yes a Judge with a sense of humor, he deserves to be reelected just because of that.  Check out the Judge’s radio ad below for his sense of humor.

Governor Perry’s campaign previously released a similarly themed video starring Bill White as the most mysterious liberal in the world.

In addition to having a sense of humor, Judge Jeff Rose is an accomplished lawyer and public servant.

Judge Rose graduated from Vanderbilt Law School and started his legal career with the law firm of Strasburger & Price and eventually became one of the youngest lawyers ever to make partner in the firm.

Attorney General Greg Abbott convinced Rose to retire from the firm and take up public service as the Chief of the Civil General Litigation Division in the Office of Attorney General.  Judge Rose’s website describes his service to Texas.

Jeff was one of the State’s lead litigators. He provided legal counsel to countless state agencies, state officials, and state employees in a broad variety of civil litigation, ranging from high profile constitutional issues, such as school finance and public health, to civil rights matters and employment claims. Jeff served as lead counsel in many of the State’s highest profile lawsuits, arguing cases in the Texas trial and appellate courts as well as in the United States Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.

In the Summer of 2006, Attorney General Abbott promoted Jeff to a key post in the Attorney General’s Office, naming him Deputy First Assistant Attorney General. At the time, General Abbott said “Jeff Rose has been a trusted legal advisor, not just for me and my office, but to outside clients, commissions, agencies and boards across the state.” Abbott continued, “Jeff has the civil litigation background and strong leadership that will serve the people of Texas well as he oversees the complex legal and administrative issues of this office.” As a key executive in this agency of over 4,000 employees, Jeff helped leave a legacy in the Attorney General’s Office in which the State of Texas and its citizens receive the finest legal representation.

Even the Austin American-Statesman recognized Judge Rose’s public service and legal experience and said he offers a “solid legal resume,” is “running dignified campaigns” and is “approachable and fair.”

Below the line is the script for the radio ad.

“Vote the person, not the party”:

VO1:  “He runs the most interesting court in Travis County, he’s Judge Jeff Rose.

When his court is in session, Judge Judy watches.

He once managed two hundred lawyers and lived to tell about it.

As Deputy Attorney General, Jeff Rose helped recover $300 million from bad guys without even using a gavel.

He helped secure a major recovery under the Clean Air Act, because he supports breathing.

He has helped Austin children with the Rise School and Big Brothers, Big Sisters, but still keeps an eye on big brother.

He runs the most interesting court in Travis County.  He’s Judge Jeff Rose”

VO2:  “I don’t always vote Republican, but when I do, I vote Jeff Rose.  Vote the person, not the party my friends.”

JR:  “I’m Jeff Rose.  I understand that every case is the most interesting case for the people involved.  I’m honored to serve as your judge and I ask for your vote on November the 2nd.”

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