Governor Perry Endorses Dr. Donna Campbell

Governor Perry endorsed Dr. Donna Campbell at a Get Out the Vote rally on the first day of early voting in southwest Austin.

“I am proud to endorse Dr. Donna Campbell in her race to unseat Lloyd Doggett, whose efforts to kill more than $800 million in funding for Texas schools, and alliance with the Obama Administration’s policies are hurting the very Texans he claims to represent,” said Gov. Perry. “Donna is a true leader who will bring conservative values of limited government, low taxes and restrained spending back to Washington. I believe she will be one of many conservatives who will help alter the course of our nation for the better for all Americans by stopping the spending, and restoring state sovereignty and individual liberty to the people. She will represent Texas well, and ensure that Texas’ best interests are always put first.”

Dr. Donna Campbell is challenging ultra liberal US Congressman Lloyd Doggett in the 25th Texas Congressional District.

Dr. Donna Campbell’s response.

“I’m thankful to the governor and the scores of other elected officials in Texas and across the country who have come out in support of me and my campaign,” Dr. Campbell said. “Their support, coupled with the backing of the thousands of volunteers advancing our campaign makes a compelling case to voters to choose me, and to bring Lloyd Doggett home.”

Go cast your vote, find your Texas Early Voting locations here,

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