NRA Releases TV Ad Supporting Governor Perry

Following the National Rifle Associations and the Texas State Rifle Associations endorsement of Governor Perry the NRA has released the following ad in Texas in support of Governor Perry.

Governor Perry lives and breathes the second amendment.  Ruger even released a limited edition LCP .380 in honor of the Governor exercising his 2nd amendment rights, the Ruger .380 True Texan Coyote Special.

Gov. Perry has supported and signed numerous pieces of legislation to strengthen Texans’ Second Amendment rights, which include:

• Creating reciprocal or unilateral agreements with 42 other states where Texans can legally carry a concealed weapon.

• Allowing Texans to defend themselves when threatened in their homes instead of retreating, known as the Castle Doctrine (SB 378, 2007)

• Extended the term of a CHL license from four to five years (HB 225, 2005)

• Cut license renewal fees in half for senior citizens (HB 1038, 2005)

• Preventing the confiscation of firearms and ammunition from law-abiding citizens during a future state of emergency or natural disaster (SB 112, 2007)

• Clarifying an individual’s right to carry a handgun in a motor vehicle (HB 1815, 2007)

• Reducing fees by 50 percent and lowering the age from 21 to 18 on a concealed handgun license for veterans and members of the military (HB 322, 2005)

• Ending the prohibitions imposed by many cities and counties that prevented concealed handgun license (CHL) holders from carrying on public property (SB 501, 2003)

• Expanding the way one can pay for a CHL to include check, cash or credit card – previously only a cashier’s check or money order was allowed (HB 1483, 2005)

• Protecting shooting ranges from junk lawsuits (HB 1837, 2001)

Governor Perry’s liberal opponent Bill White does not have a CHL, does not have a Texas Hunting License and was a member of the NRA labeled anti gun group “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” run by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

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