Why You Should Vote for Governor Perry, In His Own Words

Why should you vote for Governor Perry?  Below the man himself explains why you should vote for him!

With only a few short days remaining in most important election in Texas’ history, the differences between myself and my liberal opponent are as apparent as day and night. Texans are choosing proven leadership over a frightening resume of fiscal mismanagement reminiscent of Washington.

In the 19th century, people all over the nation were packing up and leaving to find better opportunities for their families. They put signs on their doors that simply read: “Gone to Texas.” Today, not much has changed. Texas’ strong economy continues to attract new businesses and job-creators as the best state to live, work, and raise a family.

Over the past decade, our business-friendly environment created more than 850,000 new jobs, more than all the other states combined.
By keeping taxes low and protecting businesses from frivolous lawsuits, we turned a budget shortfall into a surplus in 2003, and since then, the state’s rainy day fund has grown to over $8 billion. It’s no surprise that this year, Texas was again named the best state to do business!

Even as Texas weathers the national recession better than any other state, our state’s leaders must make tough decisions. I have pledged not to raise taxes during the next legislative session, but my liberal opponent refuse to rule out doing so. He’s also promoted increased regulations that would harm Texas businesses.

Texas can’t afford the Washington way of higher taxes and increased regulations that lead to fewer jobs and spikes in unemployment. During his time as mayor of Houston, Bill White spent more than the city took in every year, leading to $1.7 billion in operating losses. Bill White’s fiscal mismanagement left Houstonians with twice the per-capita debt of Californians!

Following President Obama’s election, Bill White sent him a memo describing how he should sell cap-and-tax legislation to the American public. In Texas, such legislation would cost the state hundreds of thousands of jobs and skyrocket families, utilities bills an additional $1,200 per year!

The differences in this election are clear as we choose between principled, proven leadership, and a liberal trial lawyer who might be better suited for Massachusetts!

I need your help! Early voting continues through Friday, October 29th, and Election Day is November 2nd. To find your nearest early voting location, visit http://vote.rickperry.org

I deeply appreciate your support, and I hope you will encourage all your friends and family to help secure Texas’ future. Texas is just one bad election away from reversing the economic success we’ve been able to achieve, and we cannot afford to surrender the state to fiscal irresponsibility.

Thanks, and God bless,

Rick Perry

P.S. During these final days, the best way you can help my campaign is to vote early and encourage your family and friends to do the same. You can find the nearest polling location and send reminders to your contacts at http://vote.rickperry.org If you’re interested in making a small donation to the campaign, you can visit http://rickperry.org/contribute

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