The Liberal Bunch

Let me tell you a story about a liberal mayor and his liberal friends, called “The Liberal Bunch.”

Here’s the story
Of Liberal Bill
And the liberals he met with while mayor
All of them had bleeding hearts like Liberal Bill
One was a little off

Here’s the story
Of Barack Obama
With a team of liberals of his own
Selling hope and change and higher taxes and government control

‘Till the one day Liberal Bill met Obama
And they knew it was much more than a hunch
That these liberals would try to run the country
That’s the way they all became the Liberal Bunch

The Liberal Bunch
The Liberal Bunch
That’s the way they became the Liberal Bunch

One response to “The Liberal Bunch

  1. I sadly watched the demise of liberalism in Austin in the 80’s as the Reagan-spawned neocons spread their lies and headed us toward the financial mayhem we now endure. Keep it the bad work.

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