Aaron Pena and Allen Ritter Join the GOP

Today a former democrat party switcher who just happens to be the Governor of Texas welcomed Texas State Representatives Aaron Pena and Allen Ritter across the aisle to the Republican Party, just like he did many years ago as a State Rep. from the panhandle.

I join Governor Perry and our other Republican leaders in welcoming them to the Republican Party.

Pena’s switch could be a sign of of what is to come in South Texas if the Republicans play their cards right and continue to show the Hispanic community that the GOP holds dear the same traditional, family values that they do.  With new Republican leaders like Pena and newly elected Rep. Larry Gonzales Republicans are poised to do just that.

To prove their Republican credentials Pena and Ritter immediately took photos with Ronald Reagan that were then posted to the RPT facebook page.

On a side note at the press conference today both of these men promised to give back any donations to donors upset about their party switch.

Does anyone know where Pena and Ritter stand in the Speakers Race?

2 responses to “Aaron Pena and Allen Ritter Join the GOP

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  2. Independent Conservative Republican

    Like 2/3 of their new colleagues in the Republican Caucus, they support Speaker Straus.

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