Ruger Releases .380 LCP with Crimson Trace Laser

Ruger’s popular .380 LCP is a great daily carry weapon, but one of its few downfalls is it is lacking a factory laser sight.  Our own Texas Governor Rick Perry uses the Ruger .380 LCP as his daily carry weapon, but he had a Crimson Trace laser added on.

Ruger has recognized the built up demand for its .380 LCP to include a laser sight and has released a Ruger .380 with a factory installed Crimson Trace laser.  This can be yours for only $548.

Will Ruger release its popular Ruger .380 True Texan Coyote Special with the factory installed Crimson Trace laser now?  It would make a great Christmas present…

4 responses to “Ruger Releases .380 LCP with Crimson Trace Laser

  1. I’ve been eyeballing the LCP for while as a an alternative to my Springfield XD .45 ACP compact that I normally carry.

    However, a couple of weeks ago I got my hands on the new Ruger SR9c (based on a personal recommendation by Gov. Perry) — not quite as small as the LCP .380, but still very slim and easy to conceal.

    Thinking I might go this route…you listening Santa?

  2. I’ve got a LCP w/ DT laser. I carry it in a Uncle MIke’s #3 pocket holster, It is extremely easy to draw from a front jean’s pocket and the laser is instant on when you grip the weapon. I’ve got it zero’d for approx, 21 feet.. the acceptable distance you can shoot if someone with a knife is coming at you. Loaded with a good JHP… I have this with me [all] the time, Even when I also have my Glock 23 or 19 w/ CT laser.

  3. Sorry about the typo.. that should have been LCP w/ CT laser.

  4. I’ve got a LCP w/ CT laser.. I carry it in a Uncle Mike’s #3 holster in my front jeans pocket. It draws easily. I carry it every time I leave the house… sometimes as a back-up to my Glock 23. I’ve got the LCP’s laser sighted in at approx. 21 feet.. the distance the courts have determined you can shoot a knife welding attacker that is coming at you. Load it with a good quality JHP ammo and if you ever have to use it.. fire it at the bad guy’s center body mass until its empty.. then reach for your spare magazine & reload.

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