Anonymous Bloggers Taking Over Austin

People pushing their political agendas anonymously is nothing new.  Our founding fathers did not have twitter, blogs, and the Burka Blog comments section but they did have their own form of anonymous trash talking.  Today anonymous trash talking and more so anonymous political commentary is on the rise in Austin.

During the Texas Republican Governor’s primary two anonymous political blogs were the toast of the capitol crowd, Rick vs Kay and Rick Perry vs The World.  Rick vs Kay became the primary Perry booster and KBH trash talker during the primary.  Rick vs Kay’s anonymous author describes themselves as

Both Texas born and bred AND a proud (some might say too proud) Republican, I have a keen interest in the Texas Governor’s race in 2010. I wish to remain anonymous because I have good friends [read: GOOD SOURCES] on both sides of this race. Oh and I am for Rick. Kay simply pissed me off too many times.

Rick Perry vs The World has been around since 2004 and is kinda sorta anonymous.

I started this blog in December 2004. There were rumors swirling about who was going to challenge Rick Perry. On a whimsical note, I described the situation as “Rick Perry versus the World.” People started reading, so I kept posting…well, ok, there’s been quite a few interludes where I stopped posting.

I choose to leave my last name off of this blog, because I’d rather prospective employers not see this blog when they google my name. It’s not hard to figure out if you really care though. I graduated a few years ago from Rice, where I wrote my senior thesis on the Deep South gubernatorial campaigns of the 90s.

Following the November 2010 general election two new anonymous blogs came out of the depths to start promoting their respective agendas before the start of the Texas Legislative Session, On the South Steps and Sideline Bomb Thrower.

These two blogs have concentrated their posts on the race for the Speaker of the Texas House, on the relationships between the Straus team and the conservative members of the Texas House and on the daily political give and take in Texas.

The Sideline Bomb Thrower can at times be pretty amusing and describes themselves as “Lobbing Cheap Shots from the Cheap Seats.”

On the South Steps describes itself as…


On the South Steps of the Texas Capitol, you can find me and other peons rallying for whatever we’re in the mood for. I’ve risen above my shouting brethren to a new realm of narcissism as so many have done before me–a blog. To the untrained/trained eye, I’m an angry and uninformed, anonymous muse on the the least sturdy of soap boxes who argues mostly moot points without wanting people to know who they’re disagreeing with

Any guesses on who the anonymous bloggers are and the sugar daddies they are supporting?  Leave your guess in the comments section.


3 responses to “Anonymous Bloggers Taking Over Austin

  1. Mark Sanchez's Jockstrap

    I think they’re all the same person.

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  3. Does it matter who they are? A person’s political views and comments are just as valid without their name attached. When you can google someone and in a matter of seconds know where they live/work/play/if they just sneezed, and when political arguments rapidly devolve into personal qualifications tests, why bother putting your name to something online?? Good for them for being smart enough to be anonymous.

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