The political gurus behind Delisi Communications have launched, a new website where you can vote for or against your favorite bills and talk some anonymous smack!

For those of you that have better things to do than watch the Texas House of Representatives conduct its business the “Back Mic” is where members ask questions of the bill author and debate the bill that is up for a vote on the House floor.  The bill author stands at the “front mic.”  Most of the time you will see a choreographed “debate” where the questions being asking from the back mic are said in a way where the questioner can praise the bill.  But every once in a while a real debate will happen on the House floor, lets hope that happens on this website as well.

The website is dedicated to legislation in the Texas House and Senate, but if it goes well I am sure Delisi and Co will unveil a similar website to track US Congressional legislation.

The author of the legislation is given a chance to “comment” on their bill and have it permanently displayed at the top of the page, in the example below it is Rep. Wayne Christian’s HJR 51 to stop the enforcement of Obamacare in Texas.

Users can log into the website and vote for or against the bill and comment on it.

Of course you can then share on your social media platforms that you just voted for or against a bill or trashed it in the comments section.

This website was made for all of you anonymous Burka Blog commentators!

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