KXAN Austin’s Wild Bill of the Week- HJR 51

KXAN Austin has labeled Representative Wayne Christian’s HJR 51 as the “Wild Bill of the Week” and notes that it is the first bill to have its own twitter and facebook pages.

Our Wild Bill of the Week is actually a resolution to amend the Texas Constitution – and it has its own Twitter account. Representative “Wayne Christian” created this concept to stop President Obama’s health care plan in its tracks. House Joint Resolution 51 is certainly the first we’ve heard so far to have its own social media outlets – Twitter and Facebook. “Christian” hopes it helps Texas become a leader in stopping Obamacare enforcement – saying each person has the right to choose or decline health insurance coverage without penalty.

2 responses to “KXAN Austin’s Wild Bill of the Week- HJR 51

  1. Who cares what the Marxists at KXAN say.

    When will we get to vote on the individual mandate in Texas. I want this referedum, I want to see 80% of Texans say “go to hell Obama!”

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