Gun Control: Texans Get It, Washington DC Does Not

When it comes to gun control, Texans get it.  To a Texan gun control is hitting what you aim at.  To our friends in the liberal media and some D.C. elitists gun control means something entirely different.

Lets take a look at the different ideas that have come out after the tragedy in Arizona from Texans and Non-Texans.

Non-Texan– Congressman Peter King, a Republican from New York, intends to introduce legislation to make it illegal to carry a gun within 1,000 feet of the President, Vice President, Members of Congress or judges of the Federal Judiciary.

Texan- Congressman Louie Gohmert is drafting legislation to allow members of Congress to carry guns in DC, in the Capitol building and on the House floor.

Non-Texan- Congressman Dan Burton, a Republican from Indiana, proposed to erect a Plexiglas barrier around the spectator gallery in the House.

Texan- Former Texas Congressman Tom Delay was quoted by the Dallas Morning News as saying “If I had a town meeting and was still in Congress, I’d invite all the Texans who have a concealed weapons license to my town meeting and I’d advertise it. Because the person who wanted to come shoot me would have to think once again about commiting suicide walking into my town hall meeting.”

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