Spark Energy’s Failed PR Stunt

Today Spark Energy of Houston made a complete fool out of themselves during the Inauguration Ceremony of Texas Governor Rick Perry and Lt. Governor David Dewhurst and the thousands of assembled guests.  Right in the middle of Governor Perry’s speech praising the veterans of Texas a very loud single prop engine plane flew circles around the Capitol building towing a banner that read “Spark Energy God Bless Texas” that drowned out the speech and distracted the crowd from the message at hand, honoring those who have sacrificed for us.

Spark Energy's Plane

Spark Energy gets three fails on this one.  Bad timing to interrupt the inauguration ceremony and even worse timing to interrupt the speech right at the moment Perry was honoring our veterans.  Last but not least the assembled guest that Spark Energy upset are the very same people who make the laws and regulate their industry.

Spark Energy might of gotten some good PR out of this if they had just waited to pull their stunt till the formal ceremony was over and everyone was eating BBQ on the South Lawn of the Capitol.

Spark Energy’s response to their PR fail is “We are very excited to celebrate… “Perhaps too excited.”

Feel free to let Spark Energy know how you feel on facebook, twitter @Spark_Energy, and 877-547-7275.

I heard the head of Spark Energy was a KBH and Carole Keeton McClellan Rylander Strayhorn, aka One Tough Grandma, donor….I am just reading into this way to much right?

Update: Spark Energy’s Formal Response Below.



January 18, 2011 (Houston, TX) – Spark Energy sincerely apologizes to Governor Rick Perry, the Inauguration team, and all Texans for any disruption at the Governor’s Third Inauguration Ceremony caused by an airplane salute.

“Our intention is to support the Governor’s Inauguration and to celebrate Texas,” said Keith Maxwell, President and CEO of Spark Energy. “As soon as we realized the disruption, we immediately stepped in to rectify it.  We in no way want to deny those in attendance the opportunity to hear Governor Perry’s vision for his third term in office.  In fact, Spark Energy is one of the companies that has benefited from business-focused initiatives led by the Governor. We truly wish him the best in his upcoming term.”

2 responses to “Spark Energy’s Failed PR Stunt

  1. Sarah Kartanson

    Before today I didn’t know who or what “spark energy” was. After today, I realize it was in my better interest not to! It was disrespectful and distracting.

  2. Courtney Robertson

    Good post, Jon. I especially liked how you give us Spark’s contact info & tell us they were KBH donors. Tasteless.

    The Governor did a great job of ignoring the drama in the sky & picking up his volume so we could hear all that he said. I hope all the veterans could hear the great words of honor he gave. I don’t remember hearing him mention that he too is a veteran: very self-effacing. Good job to all who put on the ceremony. It made me even prouder to be a Texan, and to have Rick Perry as our Governor.

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