Texas Senate To Take Up Voter ID Monday

The Texas Senate will take up Voter ID legislation on Monday when they come to order at 1:30 PM.  Lt. Governor David Dewhurst informed his Senate colleagues that “it is my intent to recognize Senator Robert Duncan for a motion resolving the Senate into a Committee of the Whole to consider Senate Bill 14, relating requirements to vote, including presenting proof of identification; providing criminal penalties.”

Like last legislative session the Senate Republicans voted to change the Senate rules to override the “2/3rds Rule” on Voter ID.  However Dewhurst has said that other important pieces of conservative legislation will have to pass the 2/3rds vote hurdle.  Simply stated the 2/3rds rule only allows legislation to be voted on the Senate floor if 2/3rds of the Senators vote to bring the legislation up for a vote.

Last legislative session the Senate passed Voter ID early and kicked it over to the House where it died in the epic chubathon during the final days of the legislative session.  Not wanting to face that situation again look for House Speaker Straus to also act quickly on Voter ID so the House can put the bitterness stemming from the debate behind it and move on to other matters like the sun set review of state agencies, redistricting, immigration reform and that small budget shortfall….

Did anyone mention that Dewhurst is now in full time campaign mode running for US Senate?  If it was not obvious after his inauguration speech filled with one liners attacking Washington D.C., it sure is now.

Will the conservative grassroots activists give Dewhurst a pass in his upcoming US Senate race if the Texas Senate is unable to pass sufficiently conservative pieces of legislation like concealed carry on campus, the sonogram bill or redistricting if the Republican Senators have to move to the center to appease a couple Democratic Senators to pass the 2/3rds hurdle to bring the bill to the Senate floor for a vote?

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