Texas House of Representatives House Floor Seating Chart

The Texas House of Representatives runs on the seniority system.  Members get to pick their offices, parking spots, committees and their House floor seats based on the seniority system.

Out of these seniority picks the most revealing one is a Representative’s choice of House floor seats, especially the freshman classes choice.  Every member wants a close parking spot, a big office in the old capitol building and an influential committee.  But a members House floor seating assignment shows a lot about their true intentions.

This session’s House floor seating arrangements are especially revealing given the large freshman class and the public in fighting in the Republican Caucus over the Speakers Race.  There are some interesting pairings on the Republican side with the more senior members.

The freshman seating choices are interesting because some of the freshman chose to sit together, while others chose to pair up with a senior member of the same party.  Some of the more moderate members teamed up with a member on the conservative side and vice versa, other freshman paired up with a like minded member.

These seating choices can show the future aspirations of a freshman member and what type of role they hope to play… back mic, front mic, bomb thrower, partisan, deal maker, king…

The Texas Tribune has an interactive House floor seating chart, check it out and make your own conclusions.

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