Gun Control: Texans Get It, Others Don’t Part II

Democratic US Congresswomen from New York Carolyn McCarthy introduced H.R. 308 known as the “Large Capacity Ammunition Feeding Device Act” that would ban the manufacture and importation of new ammunition magazines that can hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition.

This bill would also make it illegal for the current owners of the magazines to sell, give away or pass down the magazines to anyone including their own family.

The kicker is Rep. McCarthy promoted her bill by saying “The only reason for the existence of these devices is to be able to shoot as many people as quickly as possible.”  Really McCarthy, really?  How out of touch with reality some of our elected officials are in Washington DC is mind blowing.

Has McCarthy ever even picked up a gun and enjoyed target shooting or hunting?  Has she been to a shooting range and shot a magazine and then had to painstakingly reloaded the rounds one by one in order to shoot again?  Has McCarthy been to Texas and the rest of the south and seen the millions of dollars of damage that feral hogs are doing to our agricultural and ranch land.  I bet if 11 feral hogs with tusks showed up in her backyard she would want a rifle or handgun with at least an 11 round capacity.  I would humbly suggest to Rep. McCarthy a LaRue Tactical ORB rifle with the largest capacity magazine possible.

What about the right of an individual to protect themselves from multiple hostile subjects at the same time?  God forbid you are forced to enter a life threatening situation protecting yourself and your family and your magazine only holds 10 rounds when that 11th round would of made the difference.

The NRA points out that this bill would exempt law enforcement officers from these new regulations and it would allow these magazines to be transferred to the law enforcement officer’s personal ownership when he or she retires from the force.  God bless our law enforcement officers and the sacrifices they make, but why should they be allowed to have these magazines upon retirement while other citizens who want to protect themselves can not?

One response to “Gun Control: Texans Get It, Others Don’t Part II

  1. Exactly! I say buy up as many of these EBL Rifles and magazines as we can. The only reason our government wants to out law them is so that they can have total control over the population!

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