Why We Still Need HJR 51

President Obama and his White House communications team have dismissed U.S. Federal Judge Vinson’s ruling against Obamacare as “overreaching” and continued with “We don’t believe this kind of judicial activism will be upheld, and we are confident that the Affordable Care Act will ultimately be declared constitutional by the courts.”

It may take a couple years for the case to reach the U.S. Supreme Court where a final binding decision will be made.  In the mean time expect Obama and his team to go full steam ahead implementing Obamacare.

That is why in Texas we need to continue to support HJR 51 filed by the Texas Conservative Coalition President Rep. Wayne Christian.  If passed HJR 51 will go to the voters of Texas for approval in the November 2011 general election to amend the Texas Constitution and effectively prevent Texans from  having to purchase government-approved health insurance under the threat of penalty.

Rep. Christian’s resolution addresses health care freedom in numerous ways.  Texans’ right to choose a health care system and to control their health care plan will be protected.   Additionally, residents will be able to pay directly for health care services.  This will prevent any penalties or fines from being imposed, which will further protect the right of citizens to spend their money as they please.

Rep. Christian stated, “If passed HJR 51 will support Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott’s lawsuit against Obamacare on behalf of Texas.  As the legislative session begins, it is crucial we continue working together to terminate this unconstitutional mandate of the federal government.”

One response to “Why We Still Need HJR 51

  1. I really hope that this is passed through the legislature. Please keep us updated on its progress and let us know who is not supporting this great resolution!

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