The Dapper Side of Leo Berman

When you mention Texas State Representative Leo Berman the first thing that pops into mind is not a fashionista, but something along the lines of a conservative and damn proud of it.

But our Texas State Representatives are real people too and they have real personalities and quirks like the rest of us.  Some of them are Grammy nominated artists, others are lacrosse players and others have style!

The Austin American-Statesman highlights Berman’s “crisp and clean” style that reflects his years in the military.


On his style: “It’s important to represent your district in a way that people respect you. If you look like you’re important, people think you are. You’re not finished until your shoes are shined. I never thought of myself as a fashion plate or anything.” He regularly wears off-the-rack Hart Schaffner Marx suits as well as ties, cuff links and his Lucchese boots. For his off days, he wears Lee jeans, knit shirts and a belt with the Texas state emblem; for church, it’s a suit and tie again.

Every job he has had required a suit and tie. He wears dark navy or black suits and sometimes a sports coat. He wears two pins on his suits: one that identifies him as a member of the Legislature and one of three bronze stars he received for his military service in Vietnam. His military career still dictates how he dresses today.

“Being here as a senior representative, I get to see a lot of people who are dressed the same way. You have to look the part you’re playing, if you know what I mean. You have to be crisp and clean.”

Favorite designers and stores: The great-grandfather finds his suits at Dillard’s in Tyler. “My wife coordinates me. Sometimes I make a mistake with a wrong tie or whatever, and she says, ‘No, change.’ ”

His good-luck charm: “A power tie is usually red or blue striped or something with red in it. The ties I like are Salvatore Ferragamo.”

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