Karl Rove tells Howard Dean “We Have Driveways in Texas Longer than Highways in Your State”

Tonight the Texas Credit Union League hosted Karl “The Architect” Rove and Howard “The Scream” Dean for a conversation moderated by Texas Tribune’s Evan Smith, it was quite entertaining.

Although I disagreed with almost everything Dean said, except his statement that UT did not have a football team this season, I do respect him for coming into the lions den (for a nice speakers fee) and taking on Karl Rove.  Dean held his own for the most part, but of course Rove one upped him at every chance he could get.

The most entertaining part of the night is when Rove and Dean got into it about whos state is better, Texas or Vermont.  They both had some good one liners attacking the others home state.  I was to busy laughing to write down the quotes but luckily Jason Isaac posted this great one liner on twitter directed at Dean from Rove, “We have driveways in Texas longer than highways in your state.”

Dean struck first by bringing up the lack of a UT football team this season, but Rove finished it in as only Rove could with memorized stats that shows the growth rate of Texas vs the growth rate of Vermont since the 1800s.  You know that Rove was researching these stats last night just so he could get a good one in against Dean today!

To top it off in the reception line I gave Karl Rove our fraternity’s charge and handshake and he responded in kind!


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