Wisconsin: Making Texas Politics Look Civil Since 1848

We think things get heated here in the Texas Capitol when debating partisan matters like Voter ID, redistricting and sonogram bills.  But our elected officials usually keep it civil and both sides of the aisle conduct themselves in a civil manner becoming of an elected official.

The political rhetoric may get heated in letters, emails and press statements, but all and all our legislators have a decent working relationship with each other, and shocker, some legislators actually get along with their colleagues across the aisle.

Not so in Wisconsin.  Not matter what side you are on these Wisconsin legislators have embarrassed themselves and their state in front of a national and world wide audience.

Going to work and looking across at your desk mates and fellow legislators sure is going to be fun for these folks on Monday.

On a side note, now we know why the Texas House and Senate have a mandatory dress code that is enforced.  Did I really see someone wearing jeans and an untucked t-shirt?

Yea Buddy, I am Talking About You

And You


Just one more reason Texas is better than Wisconsin, and the rest of the states for that matter.

2 responses to “Wisconsin: Making Texas Politics Look Civil Since 1848

  1. I enjoy your blog, but are you forgetting when democratic legislators fled to protest redistricting?

  2. This is what happens to people in an entitlement society. Notice is always the Democrats and not the Republicans.

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