Texas House Passes Sonogram Bill

The Texas House of Representatives passed HB 15, Rep. Sid Miller‘s sonogram bill.  HB 15 which requires a physician or certified technician to perform a sonogram at least 24 hours before performing an abortion, except in cases where the mother’s life is endangered. The physician would also be required to make the sonogram image and sounds accessible to the patient and describe the results in language that is easy to understand.

The measure overwhelmingly passed the House the Representatives with a vote of 103 to 42 along party lines.  The vote was mainly done on party line with a few members voting with the other party.  Republican freshman Rep. Sarah Davis of Houston voted against the bill, while Democrat Reps. Guillen, Martinez, King, Pickett, Lozano, Munoz and Quintanilla voted for the bill.

Rep.  Miller’s bill is supported by Texans for Life, Texas Right to Life, the Texas Alliance for Life, the Liberty Institute and many other groups.

Rep. Wayne Christian sat down with Rep. Miller to talk about HB 15 and to see what the next step is for the bill.

HB 15 passed

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