Texas Social Media Awards Nominee Profile: Trey Ratcliff

The Austin American-Statesman is hosting the 2nd annual Texas Social Media Awards.

One of the non political social media users that made it to the top 25 is Trey Ratcliff of Stuck In Customs HDR photography.  The Statesman profiled Trey below.  Since this is a blog about Texas Politics I will tie this post to Texas Politics by pointing out that Trey has some great pictures of the Texas Capitol and surrounding Austin landscape.


Trey Ratcliff Self-submitted bio: Trey publishes StuckInCustoms.com, which is a site for unique photography from around the world. He loves social media. On Twitter, he has 8,502 followers; 8,500 of them are bots and two are his mom. His social media strategy is simple. He calls it 33/33/33. Thirty-three percent of his tweets are meant to inspire people with art that he has found from around the Web, 33 percent are used to connect people with others that they should know, and the last 33 percent are used to share his own latest photographic works and the stories that go with them. The final one percent? WILDCARD.

Judges’ comments: Trey has brought together a global community of HDR photographers on his blog stuckincustoms.com. Readers can escape through his vivid imagery and amusing tales of his voyages around the world. Plus, he’s funny.

The free event is sold out,  but you can still add yourself to the wait list for the event this Thursday, March 10, 2011, at the brand new Austin City Limits theater in the W Hotel in downtown Austin.

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