Texas Social Media Awards Nominee Profile: Melissa Clouthier

The Austin American-Statesman is hosting the 2nd annual Texas Social Media Awards and several conservative social media professionals and enthusiast made the cut.

One of these conservative social media professionals to be honored by the Statesman as one of the Top 25 Social Media Users is Melissa Clouthier who I had the chance to meet at a skeet shoot with Governor Perry.  Like Will Franklin, I can assure you that Melissa has not sold out her conservative credentials to get this award.

The doves and clay pigeons of the Texas are lucky Melissa chose a keyboard rather than a shotgun.  If you are not following Melissa on twitter yet you are missing out, follow her @MelissaTweets.

Check out her work below, do you think she has what it takes to be the overall winner?

Here is the Statesman profile of Melissa.


Melissa Clouthier Self-submitted bio: Short version: Frazzled mom, alternative health doc, conservative libertarian blogger, columnist, podcaster, radio host, iPhone & Mac lover, fantasy reading geek. Long version: Too busy to write one!

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