Tonight: Texas Social Media Awards

Tonight the Austin American-Statesman is hosting the 2nd annual Texas Social Media Awards.  The 25 nominees represent a wide range of social media professionals and enthusiasts.

Tonight the grand champion of them all will be named.  Last year the overall winner was Josh Williams, the co-founder and CEO of Austin-based Gowalla, a location-based social networking app.

My prediction is that this year a social media user involved in politics will take the grand prize since social media played a such ground breaking role in this past years political campaigns and changed how campaigns will operate in the future based on the successes of this past cycle.

Last year more than 160 people were nominated by the public to be honored as the top 25 social media users in Texas, this year that number jumped to 358.  As this competition grows I expect more and more big firms and social media professionals to nominate themselves to gain exposure, like what is the current practice with Campaigns and Elections magazines annual political awards.

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