PBS & NPR Throws SXSW Party on Taxpayers Dime

South By Southwest has officially arrived in Austin and it brought along with it a great example of government waste.  Of the thousands of events, concerts and parties that are hosted by private groups and companies during SXSW, two are being hosted by you, the American taxpayer.

Yes, the American taxpayer, funded not one, but two parties hosted by PBS and NPR (Yes I am referring to the PUBLIC Broadcasting Service and National PUBLIC Radio) at SXSW last night.

The first party was at the Austin City Limits KLRU Studios.  Since the taxpayers funded this party you would think that any and all taxpayers would be allowed into the party for free, but only the lucky few who bought SXSW badges ($375-$1,250 per badge) could attend.

What did the lucky few attendees get for free on your dime?

We invite you to enjoy some tex-mex, margaritas and live music with us! Also you’ll network with the smart, cool people attending SXSW from ReadWriteWeb, PBS, NPR, Frontline, ITVS and Futurestates. This event is free to attend for all SXSW Interactive or Film badge holders.

Same story for the second party hosted last night by PBS and NPR on your dime at the Parish on “Dirty” 6th Street.  You would think with this party being covered by the taxpayers they could of at least hosted it on the classy side of 6th street.

Do not worry taxpayer, your tax dollars went to good use.  Twitter was a buzz with news Sunday night that the PBS NPR Parties were the hottest tickets around and that the it was a rocking good time.  Do you think these SXSW tweeters really understands the irony of their tweet.

Is this really a good use of taxpayers dollars?  I will be anxiously awaiting next years PBS NPR SXSW party invitations to arrive in the mail with my tax return.  Or better yet, stop funding NPR and PBS with public funds and let me keep more of my own money so I can afford a SXSW badge next year!

4 responses to “PBS & NPR Throws SXSW Party on Taxpayers Dime

  1. Last year’s KCRW (Public radio out of California) showcase was badgeholders and wristbands only, counter to almost all of the other showcases which allowed the general public in with a cover. I hope it’s not that way again this year.

  2. Do you really think NPR has to pay for all the amenities and food they offer their guests? Most of it is probably donated.

  3. This is retarted. There are plenty of right wing government things that I have to pay for as a tax payer. I don’t want to give my money away to fund private christian schools among other things, but I don’t use complain about. There are plenty of more pressing issues in the world then a bunch of hipsters drinking pbr and and hanging out at the npr sponsered party.

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