Governor Rick Perry Joins SXSW Frenzy

South By Southwest was once again to much of a temptation for Texas Governor Rick Perry to stay away from.  Last year in the middle of a brutal reelection campaign Perry made time to meet and mingle with, on a couple different occasions, influential SXSW social media professionals and attendees.  The Governor even gave some SXSW attendees a tour of the Texas Capitol Building that ended up on the outside of the rotunda overlooking the whole city.

This year Governor Perry is continuing his embrace of social media and SXSW by appearing on the “Facebook Live” web show hosted by facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s sister, Randi.

Today at 3:00 PM tune into Facebook Live to hear Governor Perry talk about “the importance of high-tech jobs to the state of Texas; how he feels about Facebook having just crossed 100 employees in Austin; how SXSW has become one of the biggest tech, media and music conferences in the world and why the state of Texas is the state that has facilitated it; how he used Facebook and other social media tools in his campaign; and how he uses Facebook and other social media tools to keep in touch with constituents.”

I bet you your SXSW badge Governor Perry will affectionately refer to twitter as “tweeter” and a shout out to follow him @GovernorPerry.

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