Texas House Committee Rules Against Dan Neil

Today the Texas House Select Committee on Election Contests heard final arguments from Dan Neil and Donna Howard in their contested election in House District 48 located in northwest Travis County.

The committee is made up of six Republicans and three Democrats and it ruled against Dan Neil and his lawyers claiming that they failed to establish clear and convincing evidence that the election should be overturned.

Photos Taken By Preston Prunty

The next step is for Dan Neil to ask the full Texas House to formally decide the election contest on the House floor, or for Neil to concede the race to Rep. Donna Howard who is was seated on election day.  Neil has said he will decide quickly on his next step.

Neil issued the follow statement through email after the hearing.

Thanks to everyone who came out and supported us at the committee hearing today. The committee ruled that we had not met our burden of proof. I am going to consider our options and make a decision about how we will move forward.

It was a hard fight, and I am committed to ensuring that the Republican Party is strong and continues to grow.

2 responses to “Texas House Committee Rules Against Dan Neil

  1. Donna is behaving like a corrupt politican and needs to be removed out of office or resign her position for voter fraud .this is clearly a corrupt election committee who doesn’t care about military votes or district votes !! Every Texas needs stand up to and say we had enough of this corruption!! Donna Howard will get people in the district disrespect her like people disrespect Obama. Beware Texans this election was not fair and you were just stripped of your voting rights ……..cuba is just like this and libya china and many other communist countries where they stuff the ballot box ………Texans need to sue for there rights for democracy!! SHAME ON YOU DONNA YOU ARE TRASH!!

  2. Why so much hatred JGH? Donna is a citizen legislator like everyone else who serves in our Lege. She won a close election. So what. Sometimes the Right wins contested elections with accusations of voter fraud ( see presidency,2000). Sometimes the Left wins. Austin is Liberal. A conservative should not be surprised at a defeat. The Right has pretty much the whole state. Why begrudge the Left electing one of their own in a place where they have the numbers?

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